Home Staging. Furnishing houses with cardboard.

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home-staging-cardboard-furniture-cartonlab-emebeo (3)_

Home-Staging example. Living room. Source: emebeo.com

What is the Home-Staging?

Sell or rent a home today has become a long and tedious task. Banks, real estate agencies and individuals are seeking new strategies to quickly seduce the customer interest. One is the Home Staging. The goal is to get the most out of a home for sale through visual optimization.

“The decision to buy a home is taken in the first 90 seconds of the visit”

An empty house always looks smaller, cold and unwelcoming, that lessens the impact of the visit and the opportunity to get the “crush” of a potential buyer. The potential buyer needs to imagine him/herself living there.


Complete set of home staging of a living room in cardboard . cartonlab.

Home staging is not the same as decoration or interior, it does not try to put the property at the owner’s taste, but to closer the taste of all potential buyers, creating more neutral environments, making the most of the available space and lighting.

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Home-Staging example. Living room. Source: espaiinterior.com

In the United States they began to implement these marketing real estate techniques in the seventies with Barbara Schwarz and through England it has reached the rest of Europe. Since 2008, the first companies implemented it in Spain and today a large number of companies are engaged in the Home Staging nationwide.


Vivienda completa amueblada para Homestaging con productos cartonlab de cartón. Full housing furnished for Homestaging with cartonlab cardboard products.



Home Staging Cardboard bedroom Cartonlab.

 Cardboard furniture for Home Staging.

So far, real estate and individuals conduct this concept by renting the furniture. Today however, the latest trend for home staging is to use cardboard furniture for show flats or for antique decorated apartment. The idea of designing cardboard furniture for show flats was born in France but in Spain has become in recent years a resource to consider.


Home Staging Children’s Bedroom in cardboard. Design Cartonlab.

Cardboard furniture stand out for its fast assembly, light weight and portability, being able to have ready the full furnishing of the house in minutes. Once the house is shown, dismantling is equally simple and the furniture is ready to be reused in another place without spending too much time and resources.

home-staging-cardboard-furniture-cartonlab-emebeo (2)_

Home-Staging example. Living room. Source: espaiinterior.com

In addition, we need to keep in mind that the material is 100% recyclable, which connects the house with ecological values that help protect the planet.


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