Children City Viena

DISEÑO PARA TIENDA DE PRODUCTOS INFANTILES / Viena, 20 November, 2014 / Visitas: 906


Children City concept store in Viena.

Children City just opened its second store in Vienna downtown. The retailer remains committed to offer quality products for children that are supported by the design and that foster creativity. Exclusive, ecological and safe toys.


A child scale landscape invites to be explored: Photo Children City

This time, they open a 100m2 retail area designed following the same aesthetics and philosophy that their store at Monaco, which opened to great acclaim in 2013.


Enterprising Children City Vienna by : Waltraud Kugler, Egle Maggi, Angelika Paul-Plesa, Nazira Wimmer:

CartonLab participated again in the interior design, providing the furniture items made of cardboard. Shelving and storage modules, children’s play elements, decorative trees in cardboard, rocking horses, and an exhibitor house that serves as a shelf product.

children-city-cartonlab-viena-shop-cardboard-04                      children-city-cartonlab-viena-shop-cardboard-03

The entire production of the furniture was made in Spain and sent to Austria disassembled and packaged. The complete assembly shop was completed in just 2 full working days by 2 people. It was a pleasure to collaborate again in the growth of this great company.

children-city-cartonlab-monaco-shop-cardboard-10                       children-city-cartonlab-monaco-shop-cardboard-08

Below is a photo gallery of MONACO CITY CHILDREN.

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