Cats and cardboard

6 ideas para hacer feliz a tu mascota By Marina Hernadez. / 8 May, 2015 / Visitas: 3161

Toys for cats, scrapers, houses, beds… if you are not yet convinced of the possibilities offered by cardboard, we will show you 6 elements which will  make you want to introduce this material to your favorite feline pet.

  1. Cardboard-Scrapers

No one like to see our curtains broken or other items at home, that is why every cat should have one. It is also good for them because, contrary to what we believe, cats do not scratch household objects for pleasure but because they need to get rid of their old nails and mark their territory.

scraper-for-cat-cardboard-cartonlab (1)

The Sky Scratcher ™. Scraper – Skyscrapers for Cats.

This particular model is called The Sky Scratcher ™. It is a tribute to the Empire State Building, with 120 replaceable floors. It was designed by, but if you like crafts you can also try to do it yourself. You can find many models in different colors and shapes. You just have to choose the one which suits you, and your cat.

scraper-for-cat-cardboard-cartonlab (2)

Other models of scrapers. CartonLAB cardboard cat.

  1. Shelves for Cats

Besides being a lightweight, sustainable and functional material, it has so much resistance; therefore, if you think about it, it is the perfect material for your feline. Something as simple as a cardboard shelf, which you can find at CartonLab, could give you a double function: decorative and useful, for both your cat and you. In addition, there are many models and sizes as you can imagine.


  1. Homes for Cats

Another feature is cats that are independent and capricious. Every time you will see them in a different place, and that is why it is desirable that the place fulfilled the characteristics that would make the cat feel comfortable. The cardboard houses for cats, unlike those made with other materials, have normally a double function: bed and scraper.

houses-for-cats-cardboard-cartonlab (2)

House for cat that is also used as a scraper

There are many other smart, funny … designs that will make your cat feel “at home”, and with curvy shapes that suit their physiological and anatomical needs. As we do it, let’s do it with style! Some of these designs can be found online at stores like kittypod, kafboor modko.



If your cat is the king of the house, you can find cardboard products to their level, from high towers to castles that have nothing to envy to the movies. Climb is also a good way to exercise and to avoid gaining weight, because you do not usually take your cat out, unlike dogs. Let them climb and feel like real kings!

houses-for-cats-cardboard-cartonlab (1)

  1. Feline napping beds

Cardboard design reaches beyond where you can imagine, not because it is an inexpensive material, does that mean that there cannot be made luxury items. Among them, there are design beds made by Kittycraft made of cardboard and with an unconventional structure, although they are more resistant. The bed that every cat (and person) would like to have!

toys-for-cats-cartonlab-bed (2)

  1. Toys for cats

It’s time to have fun! The kittens are very playful, especially when they are young and, as anyone, they also like to have fun. This is why there are also available cardboard toys for cats, perfect for their needs, not just to tinker, but also to grasp, bite and stimulate your mind.

toys-for-cats-cartonlab-bed (1)

Other examples of cat toys.

Some of these items are the “Cat Amazing Puzzle” or “Eco Friendly Flying Disc“, among others.

  1. Cat carrier for vacation.

Are you going to travel and you do not want your cat to stay alone? If you want your cat to share these experiences with you, now you can do it while you respect the environment. How? With these cardboard pet carrier.


Besides being tough, cardboard is a material that absorbs odors, which is very important to felines, and because its lightness it will not be an obstacle to load more suitcases.

  1. The Eighth life of cats.

Once your kitten has enjoyed butt its seven lives, Rest In Pets offers you cardboard coffins in different sizes to organize your cat the last goobye.


With this post we hope we have inspired and encouraged you to help us contribute to the growth of eco-design.


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