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Cardboard cat furniture.

If you happen to be a fan of cats, then this entry might be one of your favorites!

Cats fancy scratching on all over your place and, as a consequence, you might be in need of a new coach every now and then. Most probably, you thought about buying a cat scratching post or a climbing tree, but you also noticed that most of them are poorly designed and don’t match at all in your apartment. Fortunately, the story is about to change; sit tight cause you are about to see a bunch of cool designs made for cats, but also for their owners. The best part of it, it’s all made out of cardboard!

If you are looking for a way to keep your cat occupied, these designers came up with the most amazing ideas to help you out without compromising on your home design.  And they all use cardboard as raw material!

Box Kitty and Blocks are an easy-to-construct play space that gives kitties a much-needed place to exercise and call their own. Both of them are made with a strong and recyclable cardboard and their structural system allows creating endless designs and shapes; from a fort to a castle.

The creators of Blocks are also responsible for the Landmark play house. The Kremlin in Moscow or the White House in Washington are some of the well-known buildings where your cat or any other small fellow will get to live in.

The guys at Krabhuis came up with this smart and fresh design of a house for your cat. You will want to move in yourself! Your cat can enter through one of the sides that’s left open, sharpen its nails on the roof and through the window your cat can look outside. It is made out of 24 layers of duo fold cardboard and is shipped fully assembled so that the only thing you need to do is unpack.

Not to forget the cat furniture line that PetFushion and Katriscat have developed. The first ones have originated a curvy cat scratcher lounge where your cat will love to chill and scratch on, all at once. Katriscat is a modular system of pieces which fit together as in the game Tetris allowing you to create manifold configurations.