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Are your designs strong enough ?

According to the requirements of all our pproject & products, Cartonlab uses different kinds of cardboard. Every kind of cardboard adapts perfectly to all the design depending of the strength needed. For instance, a cardboard chair can resist until 120kg. Each product is tested and certified, so follow the instructions to assemble our products correctly

Are your designs reusable?

All of our designs can be assembled and disassembled easily. Once used, you can remove and save as often as you want. We recommend not to expose them to an environment with large changes in humidity or expose them to the Sun.

Are your designs reciclable?

Utilizamos materiales certi cados FSC, provenientes de plantaciones sostenibles. Todos nuestros diseños son totalmente reciclables. Según los casos y la disponibilidad del proveedor también utilizamos tintas de impresión ecológicas.

What if my product gets wet?

Furniture are able to admit a liquid spill eventually. For this purpose we recommend simply dry quickly well the Surface. Obviously, our cardboard designs are not recommended for a continous contact with water or use outdoors. Please, don't hesitate to contact us in case of other requirements or options: varnished, PVC laminated elements. etc

What if my products gets burnt?

Cardboard is a combustible material as it can be wood, fabric or paper. Depending on the type of used cardboard achieved higher resistance to fire and spread. For stands projects, we use M2 protection guaranteed. Sometimes we have also used varnishing treatments and synthetic finishes that provide even more strength

Do you ship the furniture already assembled?

Our products are delivered in a disassembled and flat pack. This package includes a simple installation guide. There's no need to use glue or accessory tool to assemble furniture. Only cardboard pieces. wich already have cuts and designs needed for assembly

Can I asked for a customized design ?

Of course. We also design custom furniture . The cost will depend on the number of units, time needed for designing/prototyping, and the features or requirements you might have.

Do you make designs on demand?

It's perfectly possible to paint or decorate cardboard with crayons, markers, pencils and stickers. Several of our products, especially the children, are in fact expressly created to customize and play with them. That why surfaces supported acrylic paint, felt pen, waxes, etc.

How much does your products weight?

Cardboard is a lightweight and ressistant material. Weight is included in each product datasheet

How long does it take to deliver my product?

We don't have stock available. All our designs are manufactured on demand. Once you place an order, depending on the kind of product, quantity and your shipping location, it might take several business days to deliver it. Normally It always takes up to 10 days.

Where will my furniture order be delivered?

In the delivery address that tell us to fill in the customer data in your area. Remember, if you want, you can add another different delivery address than the billing address. This is useful if the invoice details are different to the delivery.

How much is the shipping?

Shipping costs depend on the amount of purchased products and the place where delivery is made. By making your order you Will be asked to choose wich kind of shipping would like and you'll see how much is it

How can I send back a Cartonlab product order?

The customer has a period of 14 days to return the purchase.

1.- REPLACEMENT: In case of tare or defect of the product sent, the customer has the right to immediate and free response of his order or the damaged part as appropriate. To do so, we request that you send us an email with a photo of the product via email to or, failing that, contact our Customer Service Department by calling +34 968210700.

2.-RETURN: In case of return of a product in good condition, the refund of the amount of the product will be carried out once received of return in Cartonlab the merchandise. In this case the EXPENSES OF SHIPPING OF THE RETURN are the responsibility of the CLIENT.

The shipping address is: Cartonlab / Calle Abarán 10 / Pol Industrial La Polvorista 30500 / Molina de Segura / Murcia

If you wish, we can facilitate the shipment by arranging it ourselves through our usual transport provider. In this case the amount will be deducted from the final refund. To do this you can contact our Customer Service by calling +34 968210700 or via email

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