Ecological and resistant cardboard hangers. Designed and produced in Spain with certificated materials (0,12” compact cardboard from recycled paper). They are perfect to show the ecological values of your brand, either if you own a sustainable fashion brand, slow-fashion, pop up stores, rural houses, hotels or cleaning services. They use less space than usual hangers and clothes doesn’t slide. You can print your brand logo on each hanger to offer a complete user experience. Available packs of 100 and 300 units.


  • Standard size: 16” width x 9,2” height (Contact as to know other options: childish, etc )
  • Resistance: Up to 11 lb on vertical mass distributed.
  • Anti-slide.
  • Customization available starting on 300 units.
  • Maximum size of brand logo: 21,65” x 21,65”


  • FSC certificated 0,19” compact grey cardboard from sustainable sources
  • Brand logo customization using one ink silkscreen.
  • 100% recyclables and reusable.

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