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Exhibitions panels. Modular and easy to assemble, perfect for every exhibition: photography, congress communication, illustration, etc. There are so many options to use them: individual panel, in line panels wall, zig-zag or independent island-modules with a common centre. This modular system is the best option to itinerants exhibitions because of the easy assembly, transport and installation.



  • Individual Size: 47”width x 79” height. (Contact us if you want custom size)
  • Individual Weight: 4,4
  • Material: 0,6” bee nest alveolar panel. Available on brown (Kraft) or white (Stucco)
  • Each panel is delivered with 5 extra pieces: 3 lateral discs + 2 bases to offer vertical support.



  • Reusable panels produced in Spain with FSC certificated materials. 100% recyclable.
  • We also produce custom panels with digital printing full colour. You can choose the pictures, size, colour or graphics. Contact us to know more about options and prices.

Buy Online:

  • 10 days of estimated delivery time.
  • To consult options and prices of customization, contact us via email or through our contact form. Minimum of 10 units.

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