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Booths made entirely of cardboard

AFTCO is a company dedicated to high-performance fishing gear. Its extensive portfolio also includes a specialised clothing line. They relied on Cartonlab to design its sustainable booth for the 2021 and 2022 editions of the ICAST trade show

The booths, set up at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, are made of two types of cardboard, fully recyclable and reusable. In the two editions of ICAST in which we have participated, we have made two similar versions of the stand with some variations.

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The entire 2021 booth was 30 feet wide and about 15 feet high. The one for 2022 had the same height as the previous year, but with 50 x 30 ft. of surface area. Inside, activities and product presentations were held throughout the fair. For the 2023 edition, we opted for a similar design, increasing the resources for product displays.

Sustainable booth for fishing company
General view of the ICAST 2021 booth.
Cardboard wall for booth
The five ways to get in on the action included inside the booth wall at ICAST 2022.

Printed walls with storage space

We designed two large cardboard walls printed on both sides with corporate graphic material. The set included a central module with a practical storage space. The walls displayed visuals of key ICAST new product releases on the interior and 5 ways to take action for sustainability and environmental stewardship on the exterior.

Two cardboard rocks to welcome visitors

For the 2021 edition, in addition to the main sustainable booth design, we made large cardboard rocks with printed fishing nets that were placed at the entrances of the fair. These installations served to promote ‘Rescue’, AFTCO’s new line of sustainable fishing clothing.

Cardboard rock. 3d render.
Sustainable booth design for Rescue
The cardboard rock designed for AFTCO in 2021.
Sustainable booth design for AFTCO. Totems.
Cardboard totems for AFTCO
Exhibitor totems for the new products showcased at the trade show.

Corporate totems and decorative palm trees

In both editions, bordering the perimeter of the stand, we placed corporate totems displaying the company’s products and activities. A lightweight, easy-to-carry and customizable resource through digital printing.

In one of the corners of the stand, we placed a large decorative cardboard palm tree. Its finish simulated the natural texture of the trunk and leaves printed on the surface.

Palm tree at AFTCO´s booth

Two companies, one environmental commitment

Under the initiative ‘Fisheries first’, AFTCO is committed to reducing the environmental impact on oceans, rivers, lakes and fishing grounds on a daily basis. This is applied in their manufacturing processes, product packaging and internal day-to-day operations. AFTCO’s goal is to inspire others to consider recycled and sustainable tradeshow booth alternatives. From Cartonlab, we are working to create a self-sustainable, full circle recycling process for events like ICAST.

So, it’s a match!

In the words of Katerina Chagoya, the Sustainability Coordinator for the Orange County Convention Center: “Truly, AFTCO made the biggest impact by simply deciding to have a fully recyclable booth. We hope exhibitors can look to AFTCO’s booth as a prime example of what a more sustainable future in the industry can look like.”

Recycling cardboard palm tree

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