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Cardboard city. Madrid Piensa Sol.

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PIENSA SOL is an ideas contest about the future of the “Puerta del Sol” in Madrid organized by Madrid city, Madrid Council, Fundación Arquitectura COAM, and Madrid Think Tank.



Because of the celebration of the X Architecture Week, today opens from 16: 00h in the afternoon at the headquarters of the COAM, a huge scale model of the “Puerta del Sol”, produced 100% in cardboard, that will be the epicenter of all activities related to the contest in the coming months.



CartonLAB, commissioned by the Coam Foundation, participated in the assembly, structural design and production of the model, comprised of over 165 cardboard sheets (one ton of material) and the installation was completed in just 24 work hours.



The model is formed by several audiovisual pieces that show us “Sol” from every point of view and also how was the traffic of the square between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, besides you can explore the successive transformations over time. On the other hand, Jose Luis Rayos has done a wonderful piece with neon lighting inspired by the traditional sign “Tio Pepe”.


Photo: Beatriz Sendín




Photo: Beatriz Sendín

Some links about the contest and the exhibition:

“Comienza el debate sobre la Puerta del Sol: la mayoría quiere vegetación para dar sombra” rtve

-“La Puerta del Sol, a debate después del caos” : El Mundo

-“Madrid pide ideas a ciudadanos y profesionales para reformar Sol “ Diario Expansión

– “El Colegio Oficial de arquitectos inaugura Piensa Sol ” Telemadrid

Interviews todos anidado fin from Fundacion COAM on Vimeo.

Pictures of the main gallery by Maria Carmona

Pictures of the secondary gallery by the architect Beatriz Sendín.

  We thank the Foundation Coam for their trust in us to make this project possible in record time, congratulations on this initiative to help to build a more participative city.


plaza-sol-cartonlab-coam-cardboard-city-08     plaza-sol-cartonlab-coam-cardboard-city-07


“Piensa Sol” is a giant model of 250m2 at 1/10 scale of  the famous “Puerta del Sol” square in Madrid. The whole model was designed and manufactured 100% in white finished cardboard. The project was commissioned by Madrid City Council to mark the competition of architectural ideas on the urban future of the area.

 CartonLAB participated in the assembly, structural design and production of the model, which is composed of over 165 sheets of cardboard, over 1000kg of material,  and whose installation was completed in just 24 hours.

 The model hosts several audiovisual pieces showing the “Puerta del Sol” from different social perspectives and feature square transit between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the successive transformations over time.

 PHOTOGRAPHER: María Carmona 

OTHER CREDITS: COAM Foundation, Madrid City Council, Community of Madrid.


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