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MIDO eyewear show booth

Zen Barcelona


ZEN Barcelona booth at MIDO Milan 2015. 100% cardboard. Design and Photography: CartonLAB.

We have designed and produced the booth for the brand ZEN BARCELONA at the MIDO Eyewear show fair 2015 in Milan.

The spatial concept was designed like the emblematic hydraulic hexagonal tiles at the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona in honor of its most famous architect: Antonio Gaudí.


Hexagonal tile. Paseo de Gracia Barcelona.

booth-carton-cartonlab-mido-2015-hexagonal-landscape-cardboard-05                   booth-carton-cartonlab-mido-2015-hexagonal-landscape-cardboard-04

On this occasion, the repetition of the hexagonal module on the pavement takes volume through more than 170 cardboard hexagonal prisms. They are arranged around a strict geometry to recreate an attractive visual landscape of 40 square meters where the counters, product exhibitors, the conference table, stools and storage area emerge.



Detail of the product exhibitors in the hexagonal modules. Design and Photography: cartonLAB

According to the image and brand needs, some of the pieces of hexagonal furniture were customized with the corporate colors and incorporated LED lighting to highlight some products on display.


Cardboard exhibitors for product with integrated LED lighting.

The furniture pieces of the booth are made 100% in cardboard. The design and production of the elements are held in Spain, they were transported to Milan and assembly took place two days before the opening. The designs are selfassembly and reusable.



Booth plant. 40 square meters area.

This project was developed thanks to the collaboration of ONDHO, Barcelonesa Branding + Digital Marketing agency.


3D recreation of the proposal.

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