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DockATot Booth at JPMA

We produced and installed the stand for DockATot at the JPMA Baby Show in Anaheim (Los Angeles). DockATot is the American subsidiary of Sleepyhead, the company founded by the Swedish entrepreneur Lisa Furuland, creator of a successful line of innovative designs for babies, among which stand out their pods quilts with exclusive prints. The architect Paula Poveda Gonzalez, from the German study Ippolito Fleitz Identity Architects,  is in charge of the latest projects for the brand and responsible for bringing to reality her magical universe in stands, interior design, product displays and graphic identity. According to Paula Poveda, “the booth is a gateway to the fantasy world of DockATot. A secret place where visitors discover and enjoy multiple experiences through a frame of the dream world of the brand, a frozen moment of a fairy tale world”. The forgotten arches of ruins are the entrance threshold to the magical world of DockATot. The stand is divided into two spaces that build a common atmosphere:

  • The “Forest Room” which was used as a space for rest, welcoming and meetings. This space is delimited by stamped walls with motifs of trees, forest animals, a library, remains of Roman ruins, etc.., and has a decorative enclosure produced from different layers of cardboard honeycomb die cut. The succession of filters creates a dreamy and seductive atmosphere, providing different degrees of transparency and privacy to the booth.
  • The “forest clearing” is a main area of attention to the public and product exhibition, presided over by a counter and covered by a hypnotic landscape of hundreds of multicolored silk flowers suspended above the visitors.

One of the unique elements of this project is a female figure modeled entirely on cardboard. It’s a mannequin formed by more than 750 different pieces wavy, digitally laser cut and stuck one by one manually. The figure represents the founder of the brand (Lisa Furuland) welcoming us and inviting us to be part of their creative universe.

The architect Paula Poveda has been given special attention to the design of a line of product displays, according to the brand visual identity. The designer has created a catalog of modular exhibition solutions able to adapt to all situations in the colors white and gold, to value the various products of the brand and uniquely highlight the spectacular prints of their new collection.

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DockATot Booth at JPMA

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