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This is how Cartonlab was created

We started in Murcia in 2009 as a project of the Moho Arquitectos studio. The founders are Carlos Abadía Suanzes Carpegna, Nacho Bautista and Pablo García Mora. Cartonlab emerges as an opportunity to explore the possibilities of cardboard design to reduce the environmental impact of ephemeral architecture projects, events and furniture.

This is how Cartonlab was created

Learning and development.

We became international

In 2015, we founded our international subsidiary in Florida (USA), and the team grew step by step, learning to develop larger scale projects. We incorporated new partners into the company to help us grow: Murcia Emprende, Avanza Corporate and Diego Mendez Canon.

We became international


We inaugurated new facilities

We moved to a new industrial building. Finally we have our own production machines, storage space and prototyping. We are now a true creative industry LAB!

We inaugurated new facilities

Dreams and opportunities.

We are going all out.

We have better equipment than ever, more turnover and profitability. We face new and exciting challenges: The first large-scale architectural project in cardboard and we continue to grow with numerous international projects. Here we go.

We are going all out.

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