Cartonlab is a ecodesign firm created in 2010 founded by Moho Architect Studio as a design and production lab using cardboard for all kind of projects. This company is led by Carlos Abadía Suanzes-Carpegna, Ignacio Bautista Ruiz y Pablo García Mora.

As architects, we discovered the enormous potential of a material such as cardboard (versatile, resistant, light and ecological) when developing our technical and creative capabilities in the field of event architecture and product design. We have advanced tools of digital manufacturing that provides us with a wide production network including more than 20 partners wordwide (manufacturers, manipulators, assembly, logistics, etc.)

They founded and lead

Carlos Abadía Suanzes-Carpegna

Architect. Design Manager

Ignacio Bautista Ruiz

Architect and Marketing Manager

Pablo García Mora

Production Manager

Organize and communicate

María José Guillamón

Administration and billing

Ana López Acosta

Sales assistant and administration

Romualdo López López

Visuals and production development

Julia Roca Rosa

Sales assistant and administration

They design

Sergio Morales

Interior design. Structural and graphic design

Antonio Javier Loncán Lozano

Senior designer

Diego Ávila Mula

Junior designer

Francisco García Caro

Junior designer


Héctor López Guillamón

Production manager

Álvaro Motos Sánchez

Production assistant

Juan José Alcázar Egea

Production assistan

Help us grow

Jose Miguel de las Bayonas

Partner and Operations Manager

Diego Mendez Canon

CEO Cartonlab Inc. USA

Murcia Emprende

Venture capital

Avanza Corporate


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