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ICEX cardboard booth

Carbon Expo is an International Faire against climate change, which this year took place in Cologne, Germany. For this event, we designed and produced a cardboard booth for ICEX, the Institution for Trade, Investments and Export of Spain.

The pavilion was divided into 3 different areas:

  • Welcome area: For this zone, we designed a counter, a couple of chairs, a TV, and a brochure rack.
  • Meeting area: In here, tables and chairs were designed taking as inspiration the origami technique.
  • Express Meeting zone: For this area  we designed a casual bar where people could seat and chat free and easy. In addition, we used our new Faceta chair
The layout of the booth was completed with one of our evergreen cardboard trees and a geometric bench. In the wall, people could see a part of the slogan. Depending on where people stood, they could read Solutions for or Climate Change.

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