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Pink Lady Europe


Stands for the Paris International Agricultural Show, SIA (2020-23).

Stands para Fruit Attraction, Madrid (2021-22).

Stand for Fruit Logística, Berlin (2022-23).



Javier Mateo (SIA 2020)

Sergi Morales (SIA 2021-22)

AJ Loncán (SIA 2022-23, Fruit Logistics 2022-23, Fruit Attraction 2022)

Miguel Angel Fernández (Fruit attraction 2021)



Hector Lopez

Álvaro motorcycles

Juanjo Alcazar

Graphic design:

Martin Sati

Creasenso Agency



Pink Lady and Cartonlab, joint commitment to sustainability

For several years, we have been in charge of the design, production and assembly of booths for Pink Lady, the well-known brand of apples. This has led us to international fairs such as Fruit Attraction (Madrid), Fruit Logistics (Berlin) or the International Exhibition of Agriculture (Paris). Each of them showing the infinite possibilities of cardboard as the ideal material for ephemeral architecture. Let’s go through the details of each joint venture starting with the most recent.

Stand with a parametric tree for the second edition of the SIA in Paris in which we worked with Pink Lady.
Stand inspired by nature

Stand inspired by nature

Produced in certified and reusable cardboard

Produced in certified and reusable cardboard

Produced in our workshop, assembled anywhere in the world

Produced in our workshop, assembled anywhere in the world

Fruit Attraction, consolidated appointment for cardboard design

Fruit Attraction is the international reference fair for the fruit and vegetable sector in Spain. Its numerous exhibitors maintain an increasingly intense commitment to sustainability. In fact, the commitment to cardboard design is increasing. In its last edition, without going any further, we have been in charge of four stands simultaneously. One of them, of course, Pink Lady, with whom we repeat experience in this fair.

A design based on the reuse of materials and concepts(2022)

Every time we consider a new stand for Pink Lady, we have elements designed for previous projects that are already part of the brand image. The stand at Fruit Attraction 2022 is an example of adding creative layers as a compilation. We find the back of the store illustrated by Martin Sati, kraft and pink counters, Brasilia furniture and, of course, the large parametric apple tree with its nest and its two little birds.

Explosion of color for the return of the fair (2021)

The return of the Fruit Attraction fair at IFEMA after the forced pandemic break, was a good opportunity for the color explosion in the form of a Pink Lady stand for the 2021 edition. As their previous experience with Cartonlab went well, they proposed us again the challenge of configuring their space at the fair.

You should know that:

  • The illustrations that flood the entire stand with color are by Martin Sati, an artist from the Creasenso agency.
  • The packaging and the various corporate elements of the brand show the same graphic work as the stand.
  • The rectangular pink counters and the Brasilia type stools with which we furnished the space are made of cardboard printed with the corporate colors.
  • The large back made up of rectangular modules, also made of cardboard, is assembled in two parts with volume and internal structure to give it stability.
  • Up to 4 types of cardboard of different thicknesses were combined in the production. From 4.6 mm to 15 mm.
  • The upper part of the stand is made up of a large colorful border with illustrations and the brand logos in large size. All in honeycomb cardboard and hooked to a lifting truss.
  • 2 weeks of production, and 5 people assembling for 4 days were used for this job.

Parametric stands at the SIA in Paris

The International Agriculture Show, with more than a thousand exhibitors from over 40 countries, has become the reference event of the sector in France, with a relevant international projection. A showcase in which Pink Lady’s stands have to be up to the task. In the 2020 edition, the stand designed and produced by Cartonlab was a real magnet for visitors.

stand feria agricola pink lady paris

A forest of giant apple trees on cardboard (2020)

The challenge was to create a forest of fantastic inspiration to display the products. After an elaborate process of design, production and assembly, we achieved a space in which the first thing that attracts attention is its spectacular ceiling.

Corrugated slats up to three meters long were assembled to create a spectacular structure inspired by the union of several apple tree tops. This was achieved after several tests in the Cartonlab workshop and a careful assembly. Round lamps and dozens of apples, also made of cardboard, were hung from their tops.The trunks that apparently support the structure are a trompe l’oeil, since the roof is suspended from a support that ensures its stability. The back of the stand was used to set up a spacious warehouse with smooth-finished modular walls and folding details on the sides.

The set was completed with cardboard furniture from the Cartonlab catalog distributed throughout the space. Smile stools for children, folding for adults and two hexagonal counters with some design changes for the occasion. In one of the counters aromas were shown and in the other a promotional video of the brand through binoculars.To further energize the game around Pink Lady products, we also placed a panel with rotating modules. The furniture list is completed with a bookcase Ohm for the warehouse.

stand cartonlab feria paris pinklady agricultura
Both children and adults enjoyed the interactive games around the cardboard furniture.

Return to the International Agricultural Show (2022)

We repeat our experience at the SIA in Paris, once again presenting the Pink Lady stand as a friendly space for professional interaction, a place where farmers present their products and share experiences on agroecology and sustainable development. This, combined with outreach for all audiences through numerous interactive elements. Once again, the spectacular parametric cardboard roof was the center of attention. On this occasion, the proposal was based on representing a single tree, whose crown extended over the entire available surface. Inside the stand, all the resources for demonstrations and full-color explanatory panels were deployed. Pink Lady’s communication is based on social, environmental and economic commitment. In the stand they found the perfect tool to transmit these values.

In Berlin, for fresh produce professionals (2022)

Fruit Logística fair in Berlin brings together thousands of professionals from the international fresh produce sector. We take the opportunity to design an adaptation of the stand installed a few weeks earlier at the SIA. Unlike the Paris event, the Berlin fair is aimed only at professionals. Therefore, we created a stand with fewer transit and interactive areas and more meeting areas. We structure the space around bars, counters and Brasilia furniture. For the upper part, we designed a new parametric roof adapted to the context and a large nest around the central column.

Lo que dicen de nosotros

Cartonlab gives us something very innovative, unique, stylish and elegant.

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