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The International Tourism Fair held every year in Madrid, at IFEMA, is a good opportunity to show the world some of the most interesting corners of Spain, and vice versa. The format in which each autonomous community shows its best face is fundamental. In recent years, for example, there has been an increase in the proliferation of sustainable materials in the construction of infrastructure on the site. A line of work that has been applied in the ecological stand for Fitur 2020 proposed by the Basque Country.

The Bilbao architectural studio Zorrozua has developed the idea and general approach to the design of the stand. They have commissioned Cartonlab with the structural design, production and assembly of most of the decorative, sculptural and dividing elements.

Vista general de stand ecológico para Fitur de Euskadi
The first impression of the stand is surprising because of its shapes and the size of the elements arranged. Photo: Zorrozua
Impresiones digitales gran formato stand de Euskadi
The large format prints with natural and monumental motifs bring great color to the whole. Photo: Zorrozua

The space has considerable dimensions, 20 m wide by 35 m long, divided into an area for public attention, another for work and meetings and even a bar to enjoy the local cuisine.

Parte trasera de roca-almacén de stand ecológico para Fitur
Each of the cardboard rocks has a practical storage function. Photo: Zorrozua

A cordial and rocky welcome to the visitor

Upon entering the reception area, the visitor finds the three main volumes, which we call ‘rocks’. These are three large, very showy stone shapes, two of them 5 m high and a third one 6 m high. They function as warehouses covered with an outer decorative faceted perimeter in EB kraft cardboard.

Detalle de roca facetada impresa del stand ecológico para FITUR
Detail of the large-format printing on the surface of the faceted rock.

Some parts of the cladding show images of emblematic places in the Basque Country printed on the material. The internal substructure, also made of Cartonlab, is made of 45 x 45 mm thick wooden strips.

Mostradores de stand ecológico en FITUR
The three counters with a theme for the public are designed and produced in cardboard.

Under each rock there is a main public service counter. Euskadi’, ‘The Basque Route’ and ‘Urban Getaways’ are the three blocks that articulate the information, one per counter. The decorative front part is also inspired by the orography of the rocky landscapes.

Zona de trabajo del stand ecológico para Fitur
The bench that delimits the work area is one of the exclusive elements designed for this stand. Photo: Zorrozua

Elevated, welcoming work area

Slightly elevated in relation to the rest of the stand is the work area, distributed in several sets of tables and chairs to encourage professional meetings. It extends over a platform protected around the perimeter by a cardboard bench of 30 linear meters. This is one of the most striking functional elements of the stand, as the bench is made up of a grid of cardboard pieces designed especially for this event.

Módulo de la bancada de stand de Euskadi
The modules that make up the bench are foldable and allow you to sit on the structure itself.

Decorative structural walls

The dividing elements of a tourism fair stand like this one are fundamental. Not only to structure the space but also to introduce decorative contributions by making use of the resulting surfaces.

Muro facetado blanco de zona de trabajo de stand
Perspective of one of the dividing walls that delimit the working area. Photo: Zorrozua

Here, for example, we find faceted walls at the back of the work area that serve to differentiate it from other rooms such as the bar, the meeting room or the projection room. Aesthetically, they fit in with the rocks in the reception area, and even show printed images of different landscapes or traditions such as rowing boats.

Muro con impresión zona de trabajo stand ecológico para Fitur
The tradition of the traineras is reflected with a descriptive impression on the wall. Photo: Zorrozua

But this is not the only type of wall we find, those with perimeter coating (and some internal ones) also have interesting details to highlight, combining printing and die-cutting with 3D effect.

Sala de presentaciones de zona de trabajo del stand
The presentation room, separated from the rest of the work area by faceted walls. Photo: Zorrozua

There are various tributes to such emblematic places as the bridge of Vizcaya, the skyline of Vitoria , the façade of the convent of Loyola or the reproduction of a very recognisable part of the Ysios de Laguardia winery designed by Calatrava. This ecological stand for Fitur has many windows on the Basque Country.

Reproducción de fachada de bodegas Ysios
The spectacular façade of the Ysios winery has also been paid tribute to in cardboard. Photo: Zorrozua

A gastronomic oasis with cardboard walls

The perimeter that delimits the always appealing bar combines faceted walls in printed white cardboard with other smooth ones finished in kraft. The prints show images of typical Basque dishes and are not only applied to the walls.

Muro liso kraft del bar del stand ecológico para Fitur
Plain wall finished in kraft with decorative elements of kitchenware. Photo: Zorrozua
Muro facetado blanco con impresión en bar del stand.
A white faceted wall with print separates the bar from the working area. Photo: Zorrozua

We also find them on top of some honeycomb circles that, fitted together, form a kind of cloud that floats over the heads of the diners.

Zona de bar de stand ecológico para FITUR
The activity of the bar is in full swing under the decorative elements printed on cardboard.

Corporeal signs and iconic cardboard sculptures

This ecological stand for Fitur stands out for its volumes thanks to its dynamic structural design with die-cut motifs creating different planes. The corporeal signs play their part in this.

Corpóreos del stand ecológico para FITUR
Different models of corporeal signs can be found in the stand.

We find three giant posters and one backlit with the legend ‘Euskadi Basque Country’ and the hashtag #Basquexperience that preside over the stand. The same legend is reproduced in other formats in different parts of the space, which also presents corporeal objects in areas such as the bar.

Barandilla y farolas de San Sebastián en cartón para stand de Euskadi
The handrail and street lights designed by Alday for San Sebastian’s Bahía de la Concha, reproduced in cardboard.

The icing on the cake is the sculptural reproductions inspired by highly identifiable originals. The Wind Comb of Chillida (San Sebastian), The Skyline of Vitoria or the rail ing and the street lights of the promenade of San Sebastian are some of the most striking reproductions made for this project.

Peine del viento, realidad y reproducción
The ‘Wind Comb’, one of the cardboard sculptural reproductions that can be found in the stand.

An ecological stand for Fitur with a lot of activity

In this edition of the fair, Euskadi aims to show how in a relatively small geographical space all kinds of activities can be carried out and a great variety of landscapes can be found. As the Basque Councillor for Tourism stated: ‘Euskadi is not only home to thousands of experiences, it is an experience in itself’.

Stand ecológico para Fitur, puesto informativo
Information stand at the entrance of the stand.

Among the activities scheduled for this versatile stand, we find presentations such as ‘Responsible shopping tourism’, the new tourist brand of Gipuzkoa, wine tourism in Bilbao Bizkaia, the ‘Gran Ruta BH’; the ‘II Maritime Festival of Pasaia’; inclusive Alava and sports tourism, the putxeras of Balmaseda and many others.

Stand ecológico para Euskadi en FITUR
The eye-catching entrance to the Basque Country stand, presided over by the three cardboard rocks and the large corporeal ones.

The space for the LGTBIQ collective, also in cardboard

Fitur will have a space dedicated to the tourism sector from the perspective of the LGTBIQ collective. We have also taken care of the extension of the Basque Country stand for this area. It is a small and very practical place, 3 x 3 m, with a simple double back. It has a first kraft beehive background and a second layer with representative images of places in the Basque Country cast in the colours of the rainbow flag.

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