Cardboard Culture

Cardboard Screens: Ideas to separate spaces

How to separate spaces by just using modular pieces

Very often we use modular systems when designing for they allow endless arrangement possibilities. They are sold in packs, in which you decide the number of pieces you need. These can be easily customized with a particular color or logo. In addition, modules are so lightweight that you can move them around as you wish. Plus, they are super easy to assemble/disassemble and once stored, they will take up almost no space.
Dividing walls, privacy screens and decorations are some of the layouts that can be done by using modular systems.

Rise up walls in just a few minutes

With these modular designs, we have come to build walls up to 8ft tall. These pieces can be combined in many different ways creating a large lattice, a creative alternative to traditional walls for events and trade shows.

By means of these modules, screens can also be built up allowing the separation of different atmospheres. These structures look great at exhibitions and work perfectly to delimit storage areas.

Room dividers made out of modular pieces are flexible, lightweight, easy to assemble and sturdy. Designs can be arranged in manifold ways in order to get different configurations. Shelves and racks can be added on to get the best of it as product display, brochure holder…


Many have been the occasions in which our fun lattice walls have been used for photocalls at marketing events or corporate galas. Its size and shape can be customized by adding graphics and colors. Choose an original design and it will become the spotlight of the party, where all your guests will love to take pictures and share them on the social media.