Cardboard Culture

Team Building

Aircraft made out of cardboard.

The team building is a participatory activity that companies and organizations want when they are interested in building a team and strengthen ties among its workers. The ultimate goal of these events is getting employees to participate and work as a team while testing and overcoming challenges that must involve every single member to win.

These events are tailored according to the needs of each group, and are held as an event outside the daily routine of the company and if possible in a different environment. This allows the worker to leave their comfort zone and create a relationship in a relaxed way with their peers, even if they are not at the same department.

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Ships built with cardboard and tape.

People, due to the fact that they are social beings, we like being with other people and we are united by the will of overcoming challenges together”

These activities can be applied not only to companies, they can also be very useful for schools, but also they may apply to children’s camps or workshops which aim to create a sense of team.

In Spain this type of event is gaining popularity, but in other countries like the United States, the mindset of teamwork and collaboration between employees is much more rooted in society.


There are a variety of activities that can be done as part of team building. Examples can be gymkhanas, races, olympics, construction of functional objects, spatial structures, climbing parks, community charity events, sports activities, and so on.

The cardboard in the Team Building activities

Cardboard is a material with infinite possibilities, so it is also possible to use it and take advantage of it on team building events, in fact there are companies such as Corporate Explorer Training that organized team building events with cardboard as main material.


An example of this is the development of an aircraft made out of cardboard with the aim to fly as far as possible. Another of these challenges is about being able to build a boat that crosses the pool using pieces of cardboard and duct tape as bonding method.

Similarly, cardboard is a good material to produce a vehicle that is fast, lightweight and rugged.  The workers can create the one that exceeds the rest by assembling pieces of precut cardboard and adapted to fit snugly.

As part of the activities, you can make pieces of cardboard as accessories of all kinds which serve to encourage and make funnier the competition.

You can consider completing activities dedicated solely to handling and proper use cardboard to get a final objective. In this case, each group should build a car with room for all and unite it with other members of the other teams.

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