Interior design for hotel made of cardboard. Sub-Up Hostel.

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When our friends at Sub-Up Hostel challenged us, we didn’t think twice. Then we did more than one tour of the project, with the intention of delivering an original and elaborate work. That’s how simple the story of the interior design for the hotel is. We designed the roof of this establishment located in Cabo de Palos with the aim of offering unforgettable experiences around the sea.

The sea and its light as inspiration

The idea was to fit a parametric design with a curved and irregular appearance into the space, inspired by the waves caused by the waves of the sea. The play of volumes created by the arrangement of the slats had to sift out the artificial light coming from the top. The emphasis here is therefore on marine inspiration, trying to emulate the effect caused by light entering through the water.

Interior design hotel lounge in cardboard
The interior design for the hotel completely covers the dining room ceiling.

As for the material used, we opted for a 7 mm thick corrugated cardboard BC because of its resistance and lightness. After a production and testing process to test the fit of the pieces and a laborious assembly, the result has ended up pleasing everyone.

Lounge design in cardboard for sub up hostel cartonlab
The cardboard slats fitted together form the structure of the design.

Two concepts for one hostel

The concept of the establishment is divided into two: Sub Hostel and Up Hostel. The ‘Sub’ concept refers to a more innovative, modern and informal approach to accommodation, aimed at groups of friends or water activity enthusiasts such as divers, who are very common in the area. The idea is to share rooms and, of course, common areas. One of the most popular is the dining room, the place chosen for the installation of our interior design for the hotel. On the other hand, the ‘Up’ part is the most oriented to people who look for tranquility and intimacy in double or family rooms.

Parametric design wave shape produced in cardboard
The cardboard design for the dining room ceiling, perfectly integrated into the whole.

A project by Moho Architects

Anyone who knows a little about Cartonlab ‘s history will know that it is a company that emerged in 2010 in the heat of Mold ArchitectsThe studio that has been in charge of the architectural project of reform and conditioning of the Sub-Up Hostel. Synthesizing in one sentence all the work done in this sense, the rooms of a building from the 70s of last century have been improved and redistributed to adapt its functionality to the needs of the present.

Interior parametric design lounge hostel
Sub Up Hostel’s common rooms are bright and functional.

The light and the Mediterranean colours have now gained prominence in this establishment 40 metres from the beach, well supplied with multifunctional areas for the development of activities and rooms for every type of demand.

Avanza Azpeitia, a previous experience in interior design

As previous experience designing cardboard interior fittings for a roof, we can mention special system of Cardboard panels created for the Avanza Azpeitia offices in Murcia . In this case we made another type of assembly by means of folding and fitting that allowed us to finish off the end of the cardboard panel in an elegant way and include the appropriate lighting.

cardboard ceiling  design for a lawyer firm
The combination of the kraft finish and the lighting in the Avanza Azpeitia offices was very elegant.

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