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Ephemeral store produced with cardboard

We produced a sustainable pop-up shop where many entrepreneur students of the Cartagena polytechnical university (UPCT) are going to sell merchandising products of the university. The key to this ephemeral shop is the modular design, which allows easy and fast installation. They will be able to make it bigger without spending any time.

UPCT tienda pop up shop carton

Some of the products displayed on cardboard designs

Product display furniture

At Cartonlab, we created more than 30 pieces of furniture with different heights to highlight the products. The sizes of the modules are 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, and 150cm. They alternate height and position, producing an interesting composition.

To facilitate the union between some exhibitors, we develop square legs at the bottom that connect each piece with the next one. This system helps elevate the modules from the ground, making cleaning easier.

We also produced 4 racks of 200 x 100 cm to hang different kinds of clothes.

pop up shop upct armarios

Armarios percheros de la tienda efímera.

We designed fitting rooms manufactured only with cardboard. Their measures are 230 x 115 x 85 cm. These dressing rooms have slats at the top to allows light to enter from outside. We add a wood stick which brings to the curtain the ease that needs to slide it.

We also created the main display with the same modular system of the furniture. It has the name of the shop die cut. The corporate colors were added by putting some papers inside. On the interior side of this cardboard display, we can find some shelves to ease the storage.

Chill Out Zone

We created a rest zone over a modular pallet where there are stools, benches and a hexagonal table from our Faceta furniture collection.

muebles carton zona descanso pop up store shop upct

Chill out zone with cardboard furniture

Office and storage

We used a glass cabin with wheels to use it as storage. The sizes of the spaces are 300 x 300 cm and we can find inside 5 OHM shelves with customized sizes. The glass is covered by cardboard with the name of the storage name die cut on the access.

Another wall was used to put the office name located on the outside. This zone is composed of a workspace with a customized cardboard table and a custom sized cardboard shelf.

mobiliario muebles tienda efimera pop up store shop

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