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The Circular Lab: Circular Economy laboratory

Last 17th May, on the international recycling day, Ecoembes started in Logroño the first circular economy innovation center of Europe. This space is conceived to gather proposals for studying, testing and developing best practices related to packaging manufacturing and their recycling, always from the circular economy perspective and using collaborative research.

the circular lab ecoembes logroño pared separacion entrada carton

Imagen de la inauguración de The Circular Lab.

This laboratory is located in La Rioja, one of the most committed regions of Spain about recycling. With these initiatives they are willing to be a worldwide reference of the circular economy, transforming it into a real scale experimentation center.

UNEN architecture studio was in charge of creating this awesome space. At Cartonlab, we had the pleasure to collaborate with them designing some cardboard decorative elements.

Corporeals made from recycled materials

We produced a giant corporeal that combines some recycled and recyclables materials for the entry of The Circular Lab.

the circular lab ecoembes logroño corporeo entrada materiales reciclados

El diseño se compone de diversos materiales reciclados y reciclables.

These walls have been covered by different recycled elements: wood, cardboard, sheet metal, granulated plastic, and cork. Both Ecoembes and The Circular Lab logotypes are printed on honeycomb cardboard. This piece can be relocated easily because of the four wheels hidden at the bottom.

the circular lab ecoembes logroño corporeo circulo recibidor entrada

El corpóreo puede desplazarse a cualquier lado con facilidad.

A lattice to separate spaces.

Another piece that we had to develop was this big cardboard lattice that extends from the floor to the ceiling with the purpose of separating common spaces from workspaces. This light design sizes are 272 x 550 cms and it is made putting together hexagonal modules slightly deformed. The lattice can be resized easily because of the modularity of the design.

the circular lab ecoembes logroño incubadora proyectos upcycling reutilizacion

the circular lab ecoembes logroño pared carton separacion ambientes espacios trabajo El muro separador durante la inauguración.

The modules have die-cut circular holes of different sizes which show recycled materials. They stay together because of the rib system that we designed. As it is a permanent exhibition, we screw the pieces to the ceiling to ensure the duration of the cardboard design.

the circular lab ecoembes logroño celosia hexagonos separador pared carton

Los materiales reciclados están presentes también en las piezas hexagonales.

We had to use a wood structure in the lattice to get the stability needed to support the tv attached to the design.

the circular lab ecoembes logroño hexagonos carton pared poliedro decoracion

Este muro es una forma creativa de separar ambientes.

We want to thank UNEN on counting with us on this innovative project.

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