Pharmacy decoration: Interapothek corporeals by Eduardo del Fraile




Big format corporeals for pharmacies decoration

Design and production


Diseño gráfico

Eduardo del Fraile



Pharmacy decoration

Hefame, a pharmaceutical distribution cooperative, launched recently F+, a new concept of smart pharmacy that promotes many services using new technologies through an online platform to ease secure product selling.


We can find more than 10.000 parapharmaceutical products and the complete product range of Interapothek.

The prestigious designer Eduardo del Fraile is responsible of Interapotek’s graphic design. He ordered us the structural adaptation and manufacturing of some decoration elements for the new smart pharmacy.

decoración de farmacias packaging farmaceutico escala real interiorismo interapotek producido por Cartonlab.

Los elementos de decoración de la farmacia destacan por su espectacular diseño gráfico.

Big Format Pharmaceutical packaging.

We produced two big corporeals to recreate the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

At Cartonlab we were ask to do the structural design of these cardboard elements.


This order is been a challenge because of the differences between producing a design with a packaging cardboard type and producing it with corrugated cardboard of 4,6mm. We had to adapt the original model with flanges and flaps to make the cardboard design easier to install. These corporeals are produced through direct digital printing to ensure the vividness of the colors of the graphic design.

decoración de farmacias packaging farmaceutico escala real interiorismo interapotek decoracion verano producido por Cartonlab.

Estos elementos son perfectos para promociones.

These cardboard packaging recreations are very light and easy to transport. The duration of the installation is around 5 minutes in a very easy and fast way. They are a perfect solution to promote pharmaceutical products or season products.


55% of purchases at pharmacies are made impulsively, so we should think twice about the decoration and product display in order to differentiate you from the competitors. In that sense, these two big pharmaceutical packaging designs are great because of the size and colors to call the attention of the customers.

decoración de farmacias packaging farmaceutico escala real interiorismo interapotek diseño farmacia producido por Cartonlab.

Los clientes se interesan más por estos productos.

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