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Origami ceiling lamps | Mares Energía Madrid

Design and production

Sergio Morales + Nacho Bautista (Structural design), Cartonlab

A great decoration example using cardboard

Emblematic project: “Mar de Energía y Cuidados”

It is a new environment dedicated to promoting organizations which are focused on innovating to create a new energetic model. These initiatives will bring to our ecosystem the energy as a common benefit. The project is localized in the building designed by the architect Navarro Baldeweg, recently renewed by Estudio SIC & VIC + TXP Todo por la Praxis following three principles:

  • Recover the material memory of the building and ensure the universal accessibility
  • Condition the interior infrastructure and accessibility for the new activity program.
  • Energetic optimization process
lámparas de techo origami carton

Detalle de las lámparas de techo de cartón plegado. Foto: Esau Acosta. Estudio VIC & SIC

Decoratives ceiling lamps

There are a lot of special places in this building. One of them is the ground floor, where the magic happens. There are some workspaces and a workshop room. We designed a bunch of cardboard ceiling lamps inspired by origami technique and customized with different color tonality.

The lamps have a dimension of 160 cm of diameter. These are produced using digitally printed micro-channel cardboard. The production is made with cutting plotter by numerical control CNC. When the cutting process is finished, we send the components folded to use less space. Installing those lamps is really fast. We just need to unfold the structure and attach a disc with nylon screws.

lámparas de techo de cartón gran formato

Zona de entrada. Planta baja. Foto: Esau Acosta, estudio VIC & SIC

Visual attraction and acoustic comfort

Once installed, cardboard ceiling lamps improve the workspace quality  with a minimum of material. In addition to the visual attraction, these lamps are also good to your sound conditions. The sided triangular geometry reduces the echo effect that is produced in big spaces.

Prototyping and design process

In order to achieve the final design we had to left behind many prototypes. We trusted the process and it gave us back a great cardboard piece.

proceso de fabricación de lamparas de cartón

Proceso de fabricación de las lámparas en el taller de Cartonlab.

Opening day: Origami lamps workshop

We participated in the opening day of the space with a Cardboard Lamps Workshop origami to 25 attendants. Each person had the opportunity to reproduce a small version of the installed lamps.

lámparas origami de techo de cartón

Planta primera. Lámparas origami de pequeño formato. Foto: Esau Acosta. Estudio VIC&SIC

  • Client: Estudio SIC&VIC
  • Project: Origami cardboard ceiling lamps for Mares Energia Madrid
  • Authors of the project: Estudio SIC&VIC.  (Project managers Mauro Gil Fournier + Paula Mena) TXP Todo Por La Praxis
  • Lamps structural design: Sergio Morales + Nacho Bautista (Cartonlab)
  • Manufacturing: Cartonlab
  • Images: Esau Acosta (Estudio SIC&VIC) + Cartonlab

MARES project is promoted by Madrid City Hall in collaboration with eight more entities and count with EU financement.

Foto: Esau Acosta. Estudio VIC&SIC

Foto: Esau Acosta. Estudio VIC&SIC


proceso diseño lamparas cartón

Proceso de diseño y prototipado de algunas soluciones previas.

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