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Developer: Guía Repsol Design: Luís Úrculo


Packaging for Repsol Guide Suns 2019

Design and production

Design and concept Luis Úrculo Coordination and production Children Heroes Ceramic Production: Carlos Jiménez (Delamorylabelleza) Packaging design and production: Sergi Morales. Cartonlab

Diseño gráfico

Luis Urculo


Cartonlab + Repsol Guide (web)

Luis Úrculo renews the image of these gastronomic awards

A very gastronomic city, San Sebastián, was the one that hosted the Soles Guía Repsol 2019 award ceremony on 25 February. It is well known that this guide is committed to restoration, a section in which its recommendations shine the brightest. The Suns suppose the physical representation of the annual recognition to the best establishments. In this year’s renewed edition, the manufacture of the same was commissioned to artist Luis Úrculo, who in turn had Cartonlab to create a custom packaging design for the occasion.

Los premiados posan con sus Soles Guía Repsol en la gala de entrega

The prize-winners pose during the Repsol Guide Suns Gala 2019

Custom packaging design for a great occasion

From Cartonlab we take charge of realizing a limited edition of boxes to protect and to transport the Suns. We designed two different formats, both self-assembling and with an internal rib structure to guarantee the stability of the ceramic piece.

Dos perspectivas del diseño de packaging personalizado

Exterior view, showing the printed graphic, and interior with the protective ribs at sight.

The box included a handle for its handling and in its production, carried out in record time after several prototypes and mock-ups, safety in transport was very much taken into account. The result was a personalized packaging design that adapted perfectly to the piece and also provided information about it through digital printing. It was produced using 1.8 mm thick microchannel corrugated cardboard with a kraft finish.

Aspecto exterior del diseño de packaging personalizado

Once the box was closed, the personalised packaging design was practical and well looked after from the outside.

As an experience similar to this in terms of custom packaging design, it is worth remembering the work we did for Eurovértice in commemoration of its 10th anniversary and Europe Day. Also, we had an amazing experience working with Eduardo del Fraile trying to expand the limits of packaging.

An artistic concept for a renewed guide

María Ritter, director of the Repsol Guide, remembers in the video made by Manila Films on the subject that there has always been a tendency to work with artists. She also clarifies that this year’s approach means “the purest, because the commission already started from the fact that we have to recognise art with other art”.

The idea was therefore to materialise in an artistic piece that concept of the new sun that illuminates a new stage. To this end, Luis Úrculo and Niños Héroes developed a concept around the star as a reference when it comes to observing the landscape. The manufacturing process began in the studio of Carlos Jiménez (Delamorylabelleza), who gave shape to the Suns in different sizes. Once they were manufactured, Úrculo was in charge of enamelling them and personalising them with different techniques.

Carlos Jiménez y Luis Úrculo trabajando en el taller

Carlos Jiménez and Luis Úrculo, during the production process

There are three types of awards, equivalent to the recognition of those who have obtained one, two or three Repsol Suns for their work. When it comes to translating them into figures, we find similar pieces but of three sizes, with different ranges of light and varied colours.

El galardón 3 Soles, bien protegido durante una de las pruebas del diseño de packaging personalizado

The 3 Soles award, well protected during one of the tests of the personalized packaging design.

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