Cardboard design: Playground and Christmas decoration for shopping center.

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Just Christmas? Let’s celebrate the entire winter

The CC Thader (Murcia) needed an interactive Christmas decoration that was versatile and adapted to the changing situation caused by the coronavirus. And he contacted us. Icebergs, polar animals and even a cardboard playground are the solutions we found. In search of freshness, we went all the way to the Arctic.

penguin cardboard design christmas decoration

Discover the Arctic’ was the idea on which we did all the design work. In the end it turned out to be a celebration of winter .

We opened up the concept. The winter includes Christmas, but we don’t just stick to those dates, so our custom cardboard design has more travel and adapts like a glove to possible changes.

elements included in the project for decoration

And nothing more winter than the Arctic. The polar aesthetic fits perfectly with the faceted polygonal structures in cardboard. Travelling through these landscapes without leaving your city can be fun. And the ice blocks help you structure the space.

penguin and iceberd designed in cardboard. Penguin by Paperpetshop.
Penguin desing by Paperpetshop.

Big Cardboard animals

With the cold, your usual characters arrive. A little bit of fauna Everybody likes it, include it in your proposal whenever you can.

Polar bear cardboard design

Capture the attention with giant animals

In an Arctic winter as we have done for the CC Thader, various types of animals designed in cardboard coexist. Some giants, like the penguins designed by Paperpetshop or our polar bears.

cardboard Polar bear dismantled before installation
Big Polar bear in process of installation

Family matters

In shopping malls the usual public is familiar. Grouping animals into families is an approach that will catch everyone’s attention. A giant bear impresses, but a baby bear arouses a lot of tenderness. The same goes for seals or penguins.

lowpolly polar bear cardboard paper design.

Children will love it right away. They approach them and even pet them and take pictures with them.

kids playground design in cardboard

Play with different design strategies

Production and assembly techniques vary from one to another. For example, penguins are created through folding based on Japanese origami.

origami penguin .

For seals or polar bears, we use the usual technique of joining facetted pieces.

seal cardboard design

The most complicated assembly, of course, is that of the giant bear that presides over the set.

giant cardboard bear installation.

More resistant, more fun

A playground is ideal to enjoy burning energy. Dare and you’ll see how the children will not leave there all afternoon.

cardboard playground installation
cardboard playground installation

However, in a facility of this nature, safety must be a priority . Enjoyment involves an elaborate process of prior creation. Trust in a good structural design for your success.

Ideas de diseño Navidad. Playground.

This is the final test, from the verdict of the children you cannot escape. And the truth is that they enjoy the beauty of the winter play experience.

A gift always pleases

cardboard cut outs figures christmas present

If you also add a gift, they will take a little bit of your work home and you will round out the positive experience. Eskimos with their igloo accompanied by polar animals can be a perfect option. Interactive Christmas decoration also for your home.

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