Cardboard Design for Livestreaming Events

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The COVID scenario has forced events to be readapted to virtual mode all at once. What used to be an attractive mise-en-scène, is now at best a screen with poorly lit heads and book backgrounds behind it.

Right in this BOOM of the online format, we have participated in a project that successfully takes advantage of the best of both worlds: real and virtual.

We will keep these 4 tips that summarize what we have learned along the way.

Take advantage. Now you can choose the best site

live stream event design

Until the COVID came along, organizing your event from a place as spectacular as the Louvre Museum was something only Beyoncé could afford .

But not anymore. Now you have at your disposal the most requested spaces in your city to organize whatever you want. With a mask, with distance, with ventilation… but whatever you want. A chance to invent your own format.

-Why rent a small space when we could still occupy a whole fairground pavilion?

Said and done. ADCV saw it clearly, so a few weeks later we were at the Valencia Fair installing the recording set for their Economy Encircular . It is a pleasure to have such a brutal space to take advantage of and where to work comfortably.

online event design live stream circular economy
tv set design in cardboard

You just can’t, with friends you can.

If you’re lucky enough to have people as good as Nueve Estudio, Rafael Armero and Qubica Nativa on your team, then you’re not only going to make it, you’re going to enjoy and learn along the way.

We thought it was a brilliant idea to graphically associate Circular Economy with the concept of process and sequence. A good briefing and a powerful graphic image make the work much easier when it comes to taking the project naturally into the 3 dimensions.

diseño grafico evento streaming nueve estudio valencia
Graphic for the event designed by Nueve Estudio

Do a lot with a little .

The mythical “less is more”. Call it what you like. We architects move like fish in water when it comes to moving from a concept to a “space project”

In this case it was not only a question of building a visually attractive scenario. Since it was an event on the Circular Economy, we had to be exemplary in the production as well. Sustainability. Efficiency. Optimization of materials. In short, solve ” the squaring of the circle” and do it with a tight budget.

Planos montaje para evento online carton
Assembly plans of the cardboard structure. Detail of joints between pieces.
planos corte diseño evento economia circular
Cutting plans designed to optimize the material.

The cardboard design allows you to overcome all these challenges. It is an environmentally friendly material (*) with which you can create a thousand things. It is light, customizable and resistant. Production is super-efficient. All the material is transported flat and installed in a few hours. No annoying noises, no strange smells.(*) It’s like building a big 3D puzzle.

montaje escenario carton evento online
Assembly process. Cardboard pieces that fit together.
Produccion eventos carton fabricación
Sergio Morales, designer of Cartonlab, checking that not one record is missing.

He designs from the production

Everything is easier when those who design are also in charge of production and assembly (or at least have spent some time thinking about it). You save time, money, avoid the unexpected and don’t lose important ideas along the way.

Some facts about the production of this project:

live stream event design cardboard cartonlab
Angel Martinez, president of ADCV
cardboard design for live stream events
Colour gradient generated from the 8 initial shades

The conferences are all available on ADCV’s Youtube channel. In the videos you can see better the versatility of the design and the game that gave for the realization.

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