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Firarq, architectural meeting | Exhibitor stands for trade fairs

A team project for this CTAA event


CTAA (Territorial College of Architects of Alicante)


Exhibitor stands for companies and stage decoration for Firarq

Design and production

General design of the exhibition: Estudio Rocamora | Design and production of Stands: Cartonlab y Cantó Arquitectos




The remodelled multipurpose space that the old Alicante bus station (or Seneca building) has become has been the ideal setting for Firarq. This is an innovative proposal born within the Territorial College of Architects (CTTA). It has brought together companies, developers, architects and citizens through a varied programme within the specialisation. The challenges of the Agenda 2030, the new more sustainable construction systems or the adaptation of spaces that we inhabit to current needs have been some of the subjects dealt with through exhibitions, conferences and workshops.

Vista general del edificio Séneca con stands expositores

The Seneca building was the ideal context to locate exhibitor stands for fairs.

Once again, form has been fundamental in explaining the content. To this end, the exhibition design was commissioned to the Alicante architect Ángel Rocamora. From their studio they decided, in turn, to entrust Cartonlab with the design of furniture and decoration tailored to the needs of the event. It was decided from the outset to use 15 mm Bee’s Nest cardboard with a white finish as the material to produce the exhibition stands for fairs and the printed walls of the stage and entrance.

Vista detallada de stands expositores para empresas

Exhibitor stands for trade fairs

Vista detallada de stands expositores para empresas

The modular stand concept, including table and exhibition space, was well received.

Seeking simplicity and, as always, functionality, we opted for a stand model that would adapt to the particular circumstances of the space. Taking advantage of the characteristic pillars of the building as support, 12 tables were designed that fulfilled a double function. They acted as a work surface and interaction with those attending the meeting, as well as a small exhibition space to illustrate the benefits of their products. The table, spacious and rectangular in shape, included a system that allowed a large petal-shaped piece 3 m high to fit the logo of the company in question. In addition, the surface of the piece left space for all kinds of information that reinforced the visual aspect. The design of the cardboard exhibition stands was a collaborative work between Cartonlab and Cantó Arquitectos. We could relate this project with the exhibition holders of Made in Alicante.

Triple space for interaction

Stands expositores para empresas triples

The same modular furniture, three workspaces

For those proposals that required a smaller space but at the same time functional, some modules were proposed that housed three spaces in a single piece of cardboard furniture. For the exhibition piece we used the same petal shape as in the individual tables, reproduced with three different lengths (3, 2.60 and 2.20 m) and a width of 1m. In fact, it was the “petals” themselves that structured the furniture, joined by a small circular piece at the top and another large circular piece at the bottom. The latter also served as a small work table.

Edgar González en Firarq

The architect and blogger Edgar González, during his lecture

Rear die-cut backlit and a lectern for the stage

The main scenario in which the conferences took place required an adequate background to provide the fundamental aesthetic factor in this type of event. It also had to meet other corporate and information needs. Both were covered thanks to the graphics printed on plates 1.5 m wide by 3 m high. They also had to be die-cut to integrate a large support screen for the speakers and backlight the CTAA acronym.

The decoration of the stage was completed by our functional lectern, suitably personalized with the corporate image of the meeting. For its production we used 9 mm thick Abiplex cardboard with a white and printed finish.

Traseras y atril en escenario de Firarq

The back panels and the printed cardboard lectern are fundamental for the development of the conferences.

The backdrop of the stage practically reproduced the front wall placed in the entrance glazing to the building. Both compositions included the corporate image of the meeting, the logos of the participants and organizers and the broken down program with their corresponding schedules.

Muro exterior del encuentro Firarq

Appearance of the exterior wall that welcomed the attendees to Firarq

Reinforced polygonal stools for resting

In addition to the dissemination programmed by the organizers, Firarq served as a meeting point for professionals from the various branches of the construction world. This required comfort in the meeting points. Half a hundred stools designed and produced by Cartonlab served as support furniture in the different stands. To ensure the rest of the attendees and the resistance of the stools we made a design that included three types of materials. The polygonal outer layer was made of 4.6 mm thick EB corrugated cardboard with a white finish, the reinforcement ribs were produced in 7 mm thick BC kraft finish and a 9 mm thick round piece of white Abiplex reinforced the upper part where it was directly to be seated.

Stands expositores para empresas y taburetes

Meeting participants sitting comfortably on our stools

Exhibition for Carmencita, a precedent connected to the experience in Firarq

With a similar approach in terms of the type of designs made and also in collaboration with Estudio Rocamora, a few months ago we carried out a project that is worth mentioning here. We are referring to the exhibition ‘Spices, the universe of flavour’, organised by the company Carmencita, a benchmark in our country in the world of spices and located in the Alicante town of Novelda.  The approach of the same one also required of that type of tables that fulfilled the function of stand exhibitor.

Mesa expositora de Carmencita

One of the exhibition tables designed and produced for Carmencita


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