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soportes para exposicion de carton alicante

The show Made in Alicante just started. It includes different element as exhibition displays designed and produced with cardboard. The commissar of this show is David Beltrá, and the coordination and general design of the exhibition come from the team of Grupo Antón Comunicación, that has known how to transmit the value of industrial archeology treasured by David Beltrá.


Soportes muros carton exposicion

The exhibition proposes a historical, geographical and business travel through more than a century of economic and commercial activity of alicantine families.

Made in Alicante aims to be the seed of the future Commercial Museum of Alicante, recovering hundreds of pieces from oblivion or disappearance.

Cardboard exhibition holders

Graphics and physical pieces are displayed through different formats produced with cardboard: Showcases for the pieces and printed modular walls for graphic contents and photographies. The exhibition is divided into 9 spaces which correspond to the different geographical areas of this province.

vitrina exposiciones peana carton ecologica

The holders of the showcases are an exclusive design of Cartonlab to this event. Their sizes are 140cm x 100cm x 70cm and a weight of 4kg. Each urn is built from 5 flat pieces that are bent and fit together. Uninstalling is easy as well, they are reusable and can be packed in a flat package.


Congratulations to Mario Cuerda, (Grupo Antón) because of the great art direction of this project.


“Made in Alicante” Exhibition organized by AEFA, Commercial museum and with the collaboration of Alicante’s city hall.

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