50th anniversary exhibition of UAM


The Autonomous University of Madrid


Carmela Calés Bourdet, Javier Baena Preysler

Design and production

Rosa Alvarado Pesquera (Idea original y coordinación), Sergio Morales from Cartonlab (Structural design and production)

Diseño gráfico

Julián Casas y Nerea Reyes



UAM and 50 years of history


The Autonomous University of Madrid celebrates its 50th anniversary jubilantly. Many activities and events has been organized to remember the social values that guide the progress of this prestigious university.

Expo inauguracion uam rey felipe

Between the organized events we can find the exhibition “Universidad Autónoma de Madrid: 50 años haciendo futuro” that has place in the CentroCentro space of Palacio de Cibeles of Madrid between november and december of 2018. At this exhibition you can travel through the history and the vanguardist proposals of this institution. Twelve content blocks give shape to this vibrant experience which speaks about solidarity, our environment, technology and society.

diseno exposicion cibeles madrid uam

1000 m2 of modular display panels

At Cartonlab we had the opportunity to develop the structural design and production of this great project. This is one of the many examples of exhibition designs made with cardboard of Cartonlab.

diseno exposicion carton paneles impresos uam

diseno exposicion universidad autonoma madrid

Featured assistants

The exhibition has been enjoyed by many assistants. We can name some of them like Manuela Carmena, the mayoress of Madrid, Felipe VI, king of Spain, José Guirao, culture and sport minister, and Rafael Garesse, current UAM rector.

paneles exposicion impresos de carton

exposicion cibeles diseno paneles carton
Project details

The work realized by Cartonlab has required 280 cardboard sheets of 2 types: double 3.6mm micro-channel to the modules surface and 4.6mm of EB to make the structural support. Digital printing over more than 140 sheets was necessary to cover 1000 m2 of the exhibition that has been installed in 3 days by 10 volunteers by UAM and 3 workers of Cartonlab.

inauguracion exposicion uam

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