Extensible Lamp Project


Interactive lamp made with cardboard + Arduino

Design and production


    The EXTENSIBLE LAMP project aims to empower users of the public realm (regardless of their digital expertise) to use, build and control their highly digitalized future environment, developing the implementation of the self-supply-energy cardboard recycled EXTENSIBLE LAMP design as a case study. The lamp is fabricated with a structure made entirely in 9mm thick craft cardboard, incorporating user-friendly interactive logic and do-it-yourself digital technology by ARDUINO.

The third prototype of the EXTENSIBLE LAMP that has been built in the Centre Puertas de Castilla, Murcia, allowing the visitors of the exhibition to communicate with the structure through movement and sound, trying to establish the perfect light conditions for the users to support their spatial requirements. In order to offer these spatial conditions, the piece expands itself physically with the help of a linear actuator connecting two points of the main structure. During the show, the structure it is going to validate its’s performance, with the intention of updating the interactive protocol that governs the behavior of the piece to adapts to the new user's needs. Our objectives are:

  1. To reduce the ‘Digital Divide’ that exists between users of different generations.
  2. To facilitate a ‘Digital Democracy’ and ‘Cultural Capital’ by implementing public spaces with interactive designs, which act as a ‘training’ environment.
  3. To improve the world effectively by lowering energy consumption in fabrication, use, and maintenance.
  4. To increase the use of recycled materials within advance technological spaces.

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