Itinerant archeological exhibition design | Minateda deposit


Archeological Museum of Hellín | Rafael Lopez Precioso + Vértice Cultural | Antonio Flores Martinez


Archeological itinerant exhibition design | Minateda deposit

Design and production


Diseño gráfico

Vértice Cultural


Nacho Bautista | Cartonlab



Until the end of january the exhibition can be visited in the great “Museo de La Semana Santa” building of Hellín. It is dedicated to the 100 years since the discovery of Minateda’s rock art.


The exhibition is config by a path of more than 60 linear meters, where were displayed, with the help of texts, images, and one audiovisual,  information about the discovering, materials, techniques, the meaning, chronology, conservation problems and publications about the deposit. It is been declared Humanity Patrimony by UNESCO

exposicion-carton-minateda-cartonlab-cardboard-exhibition (3)

The installation has been done with 100% recyclable materials, using more than 70 die-cut cardboard panels with direct printing.


Soporte para pantalla y sillas de cartón personalizadas para la exposición.

exposicion-carton-minateda-cartonlab-cardboard-exhibition (17)

The installation of the complete exhibition occupied 2 days by a team of 3 people. All the material is uninstallable and reusable. In 2015 the exhibition traveled through an itinerant route. The exhibition starting day had three talks, a round table with featured specialists in this matter, and visits to the Abrigo Grande of Minateda and the Abrigos Menores of the mountain range of Cabeza Llana.


biombo-carton-minateda-cartonlab-cardboard-exhibition (12)

exposicion-carton-minateda-cartonlab-cardboard-exhibition (18)





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