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escaparate-de-navidad-duuo-pop-up (1)

DUUO hired us to produce some pieces for product display at the storefront of their shops in Barcelona.

The design is inspired by the POP UP style, an original technique which uses the folding of the elements as the parts of the piece.

escaparate-de-navidad-duuo-pop-up (3)

They are made with digitally printed cardboard and have led illumination at the base. As an advantage of this cardboard design, it can be sent in a flat package and be installed easily by the shop staff. Each module is adapted in relation to the dimensions of different storefronts.

escaparate-de-navidad-duuo-pop-up (4)

This Christmas window display project design is been brought by Tarariquetevi communications agency, a workshop coordinated by Liliana Zupandover, to who we want to show our gratitude because of the implication and patience to make this project real.  

escaparate-de-navidad-duuo-pop-up (2)


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