Sustainable event design | FSC General assembly 2017

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Grateful for being able to participate in the design and production of different cardboard solutions to the FSC General Assembly 2017 celebrated in Vancouver. Forest Stewardship Council as a fully committed organization with environmental sustainability values. Since the first moment, they understood the value proposition that Cartonlab can bring with our cardboard solutions to make the event an example inside of the sustainable events world.


Main stage decoration
decoracion escenario figuras carton canada
The more important talks of the event were on a great auditorium with a stage background of more than 20m long. It was necessary to decorate the scene with elements that allow the public to see the big format projection. Flexibility and integrated image were also requirements to this design.

Using FSC brand identity we designed many scenes of die cut silhouettes (animals, plants, trees, etc)  that fit together easily to create ambiances. They were made with 10mm honeycomb cardboard panels certified by FSC, of course.

eventos sostenibles decoracion evento escenario arboles carton

El arquitecto Michael Green (izquierda) fue el protagonista de una de las intervenciones en la FSC GA 2017 de Vancouver.

To complement this decoration we incorporated some cardboard furniture pieces from our product line FACETA: hexagonal chairs and tables. To the speaker space, we designed and produced a customized lectern with the brand identity of the event.

atril escenario carton evento fsc canada

Atril de cartón personalizado para el evento.

Sponsors booths

stand sponsor evento arboles sillas carton

One of the needs of the event was the design of sponsors spaces. Finally, they were integrated with the brand of the event by designing cardboard solutions with customized graphism: trees, panels, product display, and furniture were combined to configure different areas.

stand expositores carton sponsor

Expositores de producto personalizados para SIG. (Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft)

Exhibition communicative panels

Paneles exposicion carton evento fsc modular

Examples of modular panels “panel boards” designed as bulletin board and communication to each of the thematic areas included on the program. These modular supports, light, resistant and easy to install, they are capable of putting together and visually organize the information generated on this event and facilitate the decision making.

mostrador atención publico carton

Close to the access to the event were installed also different elements of posters, signage, and bars as information point and registration.

Corporeal Photocall. Giant Maple Leaf

corporeo evento gran formato fsc canada

The ideated logotype by the communication team of FSC as the event image reinterpret the popular maple leaf of Canadá in origami key with a natural texture as applied graphism. Using that design we manufactured with cardboard a giant corporeal logotype of the leaf.

Despite the complexity of the geometry, the piece was installed easily thanks to triangles designed to fit together. The result is a polyvalent element able to work as photocall, signage and meeting spot.

figura hoja Canada carton evento

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