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TEDxMadrid is a conferences program organized independently allowing the people to enjoy an experience in which reference thinkers and entrepreneurs are invited to share what they are most passionate about.

TEDxMadrid was held on September 28th in the industrial unit 16 of Matadero Madrid and featured more than 17 speakers from many disciplines in the a fantastic day of explosion of creativity and knowledge.




The theme of the conference is “The Unfinished” and was dedicated to celebrating the search, the unfinished as complex but creative state, which allows ideas to improve with the help of others and new discoveries. Thus cartonLAB participated in the production of the iconic signage “TED”, 1 meter height letters made of cardboard which were personalized and decorated there.

Pictures in this post are from TEDxMadrid flickr gallery.

Congratulations to the TEDxMadrid team for the organization, especially Vanessa Gonzalez for trusting us.



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